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Inserv is a South African based Christian mission organization that serves the mission cause through strategically selected information oriented projects. As a research organization Inserv helps churches, mission organizations and others with information, research training, and consultation in strategic planning for effective mission and church planting programs in short and long term cross-cultural outreaches among unreached people groups in (especially, but not limited to) Southern Africa.

Inserv is registered with the South African government as a Trust and is governed by a Board of Trustees, appointed according to the laws of the South African government in this regard.

Inserv is a faith-based organization and although effort is made to contribute towards the upkeep of the staff financially, each staff member is responsible for his or her own support. Since the early 1990's, many individuals worked with Inserv in different capacities and moved on to different ministries and services all over the world. Currently the staff consists of 5 people and a number of volunteers assisting in different areas of need and in different capacities.
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