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Many aspects of mission work take place in geographical space. The people we want to reach with the Gospel live in a geographical place. The missionaries serve in geographical places. Churches are planted in geographical places. Therefore as Inserv serves the church through mission research a good way to present many of the results of our research is in the form of maps. Often you can see things in a map which are not obvious in a table of data or a long report. There is a Chinese proverb which says, “Seeing is understanding.”


Mapping is a new ministry at Inserv which started in the second half of 2005. Our mapping director has training in the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and computer mapping software. Since 2005 Inserv has undertaken a number of mapping projects on a local (city or province), national (country), regional, continental and global level. Some of these mapping projects have been in support of the ongoing research of Inserv but most have been commissioned projects for other mission organizations and churches. Examples of some of the projects undertaken include mapping the distribution of languages in South Africa, a map of the 10/40 window (region of the world between 10° N and 40° N where the majority of the people groups lest-reached with the Gospel live), a map of the per capita number of missionaries being sent out by each country in Africa and many other maps.

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Mapping projects

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