REACHOUT  as ministry wants to assist Churches and Christians in South Africa to become aware of the needs, opportunities and resources available for short term evangelistic outreaches.

Reachout wants to serve you in two possible ways.

Firstly you can make your outreach known to others by advertising the details on the website.

Secondly you can see what outreaches are taking place where you can get involved through going, giving and praying.

If you want to submit details of your outreach to invite others to join you or to pray for you, click on  "Reachout" in the beginning of this description and submit the details for your outreach.  After evaluation it will be placed on this site and in that way it will be visible for others to see, contact you and people can become involved in a practical way.

Currently we do not have any outreaches listed and this is a need we have.  We are looking for a person who loves the Lord Jesus Christ, is supported financially, computer literate and would like to give time to work in the Kingdom and to mobilize people into missions.  The work will entail the searching for information, evaluation of outreaches in and from South Africa and placing it on the website to help others to get involved.  The following organisations can also be contacted for short term outreaches:

SAAWE and a list of outreaches available here.

MIA (Moving into Action)

OM (Operasie Mobilisasie)

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

A few articles are available which can help you in your approach to a Short term outreach.  Much more is available and these are only a few. See also here for more information

ReachOut documents

A Word to those who go.

A Word to those who send.

Critical Analysis of Short term outreaches

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Practical Preparation for an Outreach.

Short term outreaches and Research