Research training

 For Inserv to merely do research ourselves will have little effect in reducing the amount of work in reaching the unreached (unevangelised). We want to share the knowledge we gained with others to assist them do their own research and become more effective in their outreach efforts and ministry.

The Research course has been presented with great success in many countries in Africa. The course has been presented to Bible Schools, mission organizations, churches and individuals who have a vision to work among the unreached people groups as well as in their local communities.

We see mission research as a combination of three important elements:

  • SPIRITUAL (Praying and discerning),
  • DATA (Searching and sorting) and
  • STRATEGY (evaluating and strategizing).

We believe one learns about research by doing research. Therefore we present the materials in such a way that participants learn the principles by applying them to the area or target group that they want to reach. We try to tailor our course presentation to match as closely as possible the needs of those attending. The program consists of the following subjects:

  • Biblical perspective of research
  •  Research process
  • Sources and evaluation of information
  • Documentation
  • Interpretation
  • Analysis
  • Culture and worldview
  • Ethics/Awareness
  • Debriefing
  • Questionnaires
  • Mapping
  • Strategising

The course is ideally done over a period of one week. (50% theory and 50% practical.)  We also do a 3 day or weekend training. 

The aim is in the end to tailor the training in such a way that the learners, organisations or churches will get the best results in their specific ministries.

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Training documents

Research training as tool to change paradigms