Inserv’s research involvement commenced about ten years ago. Apart from commissioned research, our work up to date include the compilation of comprehensive reports on the Yao, Makwe and several coastal people groups in Mozambique. General literature research was also done on a number of other unreached people groups from Southern Africa. In addition we have contributed towards facilitating the involvement of various churches and mission organizations in working among these people groups.

We see mission research as a combination of three important elements 

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As an organisation, Inserv sees our missions research as having three critical elements. In this video, we explain the importance these elements and how they interlink to best serve missionaries, churches and organisations.

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Why Missions Research


Identify where and what the needs of people are


Be better prepared by learning from others


Become aware and make use of the available resources


Be more effective in our mission involvement by following locally viable strategies


Discover and understand better what God is busy doing among the target people group so that we can join Him.


Avoid mistakes such as culturally wrong approaches

Strategically promoting missions in Africa through research, we identify critical issues affecting churches in Africa. Through consultation meetings, workshops and training seminars, conferences, literature publication, we aim sensitize and mobilize churches to strategically respond to such issues. Mapping and Research training helps us to further the work for the benefit of the unreached.

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